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Stretch Wrapping Your Pallet: Handy Guide

 Stretch wrapping is the packaging technique that is used to secure items to a pallet. It is used mainly in industry, where they deal with large items. Stretch wrap is highly stretchable clear plastic that is wrapped around products, and it keeps them tightly bound. Here at Dennison Stretch Film, we are leading suppliers of […]

Shrink The Wrapping Waste!

Reducing waste is a major concern at present. These days, environmentally-minded policies and eco-friendly initiatives are constantly looking for ways to reduce mankind’s negative impact on the world, and cutting down on waste is a major player to this end. At Dennison Stretch Films, we’re entirely committed to such a way of thinking, and so […]

Shrink vs. Stretch

  Stretch wrap and shrink wrap – what’s the difference?   These terms are often used interchangeably and frequently confused with one another.   However, whilst these products are both widely used for packaging purposes, by a broad range of industries, they’re far from being the same.   Yes they’re  both types of synthetic plastic, […]