Is 3D Printing the Future?


If you have paid attention to the news in the last few years then you will no doubt be aware of 3D printing and the way that it is changing the world. There is a lot of complex science behind this new technology that we won’t bore you with, but if you would like a great quick explanation simply hit play on the video below;



Here at Dennison Stretch Film, we don’t just supply pallet wrap, we are also pretty interested in what the future has to hold for plastics and the wider world of manufacturing. One of the biggest developments in the world of plastic and indeed manufacturing is the invention and implementation of 3D printing.


Endless possibilities


Initially only really used for one off products, 3D printers are now pretty commonplace in factories and engineering companies around the globe. Not only can they make pretty much any design but they can also make them from a huge range of materials, making them incredibly flexible.


It Might Save Lives


As you’ll see in the video below, 3D printers are beginning to be used to replicate human cells and may be able to ‘print’ human organs. The printers have already been used to create heart and liver cells so there are sure to be more great things to come!


This discovery promises to drastically change the medical world and mean that long waits on the organ transfer list become a thing of the past.



Becoming Cheaper


With the technology becoming more popular recently it has also become much cheaper and you can even buy a 3D printer for your home. This reduction in cost means that no matter how small your company or outfit, 3D printed designs are now a real possibility.


It Can Print a House


We’ve all heard of flat pack houses but printed houses… that’s got to be a hoax right? Well a construction company in China has figured it out and claims that it can make 10 complete 3D printed houses in a day!


In the next decade waiting for a house will hopefully be far less stressful than it is now, years of building work could well be cut down to just a couple of weeks!



It Can Print Chocolate


Yes you read that correctly! Scientists at the University of Exeter have created a 3D printer that can print your designs in chocolate!


Check out the video below to see the technology behind this customisable chocolate;



Well, from all the amazing things that are going on with 3D printing it is pretty hard to argue that 3D printing isn’t the future! We are more than certain that it will last longer than those printed chocolate treats would here at Dennison Stretch Film!


Whatever the future holds for 3D printing and plastic in general there is one thing that you can always be sure of… we will always be there to fulfil your needs for plastic. For more information or to place an order, simply contact us today and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.


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