4 Ways a Stretch Wrapping Machine Can Benefit Your Business

Hand wrapping  can be a tedious task, especially when you have a lot of items which need wrapping up.


If you are struggling with your pallet wrap and are looking for a quicker way to wrap those pallets, why not invest in a stretch wrapping machine? They are a great investment for businesses that have a large volume of pallets to wrap as they bring many different benefits along with them.


They Are Safer


If you have ever tried to hand wrap a pallet, you will know how strenuous it can be walking around the pallet continuously to get the perfect wrap. It takes a lot of energy to wrap a pallet and this energy could be used by employees to remain productive all throughout the day.



Investing in a stretch wrapping machine will take the strain off your workforce, allowing them to be more productive in their other duties throughout the day without feeling fatigued or dizzy after wrapping a pallet.


They Produce a Consistent Wrap


A pallet needs to be wrapped so that it is consistent all the way around to avoid any slippages in transit. This can be extremely difficult to achieve when hand wrapping, as the tension in the wrap won’t always be constant.




As you won’t want the load being damaged when being transported, it is important to keep a uniform, tight wrap. This is where a stretch wrapping machine comes in handy. With various changeable settings, you can effectively wrap a pallet and ensure that the good inside remain securely in place.


They Speed Up the Process


Wrapping is extremely time consuming, particularly when you are hand wrapping pallets. It takes several times longer for an employee to walk around a pallet and wrap it properly than it does for a wrapping machine to do the same job.


picture 2


The more pallets that are wrapped to perfection and in a speedy time frame, the happier your client base will be when their items arrive in one piece.


They Are an Investment


Most wrapping machines pre-stretch the wrapping to increase the maximum yield that you will get from a roll of wrap. This means that less material is used to wrap the pallets, but the security that the wrap provides is the same.


Using a machine allows you to wrap more pallets with less material, saving you and your customers money on wrapping.




Even though we produce hand stretch film solutions, we believe that for larger projects, a stretch wrapping machine is the way forward. Choosing the perfect wrapping solution is essential and here at Dennison Stretch Film, we cover a wide range of different applications, including agricultural stretch wrap and smaller hand stretch film solutions.


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