Advantages of Shrink Wrapping

Over time, shrink wrapping has become one of the most popular forms of packaging. It involves wrapping a product of any size with plastic film and then adding heat. The heat that you apply helps the plastic film to shrink and, in the process, tightly seals your products.

Compared to stretch wrapping, which is used to hold a large number of products together, shrink wrapping is commonly used to wrap single products, or to bind smaller products together.

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Shrink wrapping is very popular with businesses, who use it to protect their products and ensure that goods are easily transported. Many businesses will tell you that they’ve saved a lot of money by switching to shrink wrap.

One of the best advantages of using shrink wrap is that it can be used for a wide range of products of practically any size! This is just one reason, and we believe that there are numerous other reasons to choose shrink wrapping too.

As a helpful guide, we have put together a list of some of the biggest advantages as to why choosing shrink wrap can benefit you and your business.

Low Volume and Weight

By shrink wrapping your products, you allow yourself a lot more room when transporting your products, which can also save on costs.

As well as saving room during transportation, you are also creating more room in your warehouse, as shrink wrapped products take up a lot less floor space. This is especially helpful in packaging factories.


We believe that shrink wrapping offers you more durability than any other form of packaging. The quality of the packaging means that it’s less likely to get damaged, and therefore it’ll last longer. This is perfect for products that are being transported over long distances.

Cost Effective

Shrink wrapping is an affordable way of packaging your products, especially compared to other methods. If you are comparing it to cardboard cartons, then you are saving over 60% on material alone, as binding together products in the same packaging can save space, and therefore money.

The fact that fewer products are damaged by using shrink wrap also means money is being saved too.

Echo Friendly

The reduction in material gained by using shrink wrapping means that it’s considered to be more environmental friendly.

Shrink wrap can also be recycled, therefore reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. It is also bio-degradable – thereby helping the carbon footprint!


The way that shrink wrap tightly seals the contents within means that they are protected from dust, dirt and humidity. Your products are also less likely to suffer from abrasions, punctures and hard impacts. A further advantage of shrink wrapping is that it offers significantly more protection from weather damage and moisture.

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As you can see, it is relatively obvious why shrink wrapping is now the leading method of packaging; it really is that useful!

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