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Hand stretch film vs. Machine

Here at Dennison Stretch Film we do both, but it’s interesting to compare and see why you could need both for differing situations for your pallet wrap!

Questions to ask your Stretch Wrap Supplier

Whether you’re looking to change your stretch wrap supplier, or are looking for one for the first time, it’s important to have a few questions ready. It will save you the hassle of realising the company isn’t the one for you later down the line and having to look for a new supplier.   It’s […]

4 Ways a Stretch Wrapping Machine Can Benefit Your Business

Hand wrapping  can be a tedious task, especially when you have a lot of items which need wrapping up.   If you are struggling with your pallet wrap and are looking for a quicker way to wrap those pallets, why not invest in a stretch wrapping machine? They are a great investment for businesses that […]

How Quality Packaging is Vital in Logistics

Logistics is an important part of any product business and represents the actions that are taken to get products from where they are manufactured to the consumer, with many points in between. As suppliers of stretch film products to the logistics industry, we understand how important many parts of the logistic chain are to businesses. […]

Ideas for Recycling Used Pallets

Here at Dennison Stretch Films, we are most concerned with providing the very best wrapping solutions for your pallets. We are also extremely conscious about how recyclable our wrap and film is, reducing the amount of waste that our customers and ourselves produce, saving everyone money.   But what about those pallets you are using? […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hay Storage (Part Two)

In our last post we began a two part series that looks at how to effectively store hay indoors once it has been wrapped.   This time, we’re going to look at how to effectively store hay bales outdoors. Not everyone has room for storing their bales indoors, and with more farmers taking to storing […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hay Storage (Part One)

Agricultural stretch film is one of the many film solutions that we produce and provide here at Dennison Stretch Film. We know how important having access to durable film when it comes to the hay wrapping season, which is why we guarantee that our agricultural film is strong, puncture resistant and has great elasticity to […]

Why Expansion is so Important in Business

There are many reasons why a business may expand, but whatever the reason for it is expanding is usually beneficial for a business and can help them to achieve higher profits and meet their company goals. As Dennison Stretch Film is expanding, we thought we’d post an article about why expansion is important and how […]

World-Class Logistics: Our Partner Locker Freight Ltd.

No business can carry out every action by itself; it would be expensive, time-consuming and would mean that the customer wouldn’t get the best service they could. This is why businesses partner up with other leading businesses in order to ensure that each business receives a benefit. Here at Dennison Stretch Film, one of our […]