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5 Tips for Reducing Supply Chain Costs

In a world where globalisation is something even small businesses can do and there are a whole range of routes that can be taken to get products to consumers, supply chains are a complex part of a business’s operations. They can represent large amounts of expenditure but are an essential cost to sell products. Any […]

Is 3D Printing the Future?

  If you have paid attention to the news in the last few years then you will no doubt be aware of 3D printing and the way that it is changing the world. There is a lot of complex science behind this new technology that we won’t bore you with, but if you would like […]

Who Are We? Dennison Stretch Films! (Slideshare)

Here at Dennison Stretch Films, we’ve decided to delve into the exciting world of slideshares to give you a fun, interactive way of finding out about us and our products! We’ve put together this introduction to our company, and what we actually do! We hope that you have a bit more of an idea of […]

Giant Warehouses of the World

At Dennison Stretch Film, we may sell pallet and shrink wrap, but our business lies in warehouses.  This week in India, Amazon opened their largest warehouse, or ‘fulfilment centre’, to date at Kothur in Telangana.   The magnificent structure spans a whopping 280,000 square feet and promises to help small and medium businesses in Telangana […]

How To Maintain A Clean Warehouse

In our previous blog, we looked at ways in which to help maximise your warehouse’s efficiency through the implementation or improvement of a few simple factors; these ranged from improving communication, training and of course, the use of stretch film for pallet wrap.   The latter may seem somewhat of an obvious point coming from […]

Top 5 Tips: How to Maximise Warehouse Efficiency

Is your warehouse as efficient as it can be? If it’s not too much of a personal question, of course. Are your warehouse operations coasting by at a colossal rate, or are you in despair at the total lack of productivity?   An efficient warehouse is utterly vital for a business to thrive. It’s where […]

Wrapping It Up: How Stretch Film Will Make Your Hay Last Longer

Stretch film and shrink wrap are materials that are used in a wide range of different industries, and one industry that is particularly dependent on efficient, high-quality wrapping materials is the agricultural industry. Farmers need all the help they can get when it comes to ensiling, and here at Dennison Stretch Films, we’re committed to […]

Stretch Wrapping Your Pallet: Handy Guide

 Stretch wrapping is the packaging technique that is used to secure items to a pallet. It is used mainly in industry, where they deal with large items. Stretch wrap is highly stretchable clear plastic that is wrapped around products, and it keeps them tightly bound. Here at Dennison Stretch Film, we are leading suppliers of […]

Shrink The Wrapping Waste!

Reducing waste is a major concern at present. These days, environmentally-minded policies and eco-friendly initiatives are constantly looking for ways to reduce mankind’s negative impact on the world, and cutting down on waste is a major player to this end. At Dennison Stretch Films, we’re entirely committed to such a way of thinking, and so […]