Dennison Stretch Films are Proud to Support a Range of Vital Charities

As well as supplying fantastic, high quality products such as stretch wrap, the team at Dennison Stretch Films we’re proud to give our ongoing support to a number of vitally important charities which work hard to provide a higher quality of life for people across the globe.

Dennison Stretch Films commit to supporting welfare for the underprivileged by donating a percentage of our sales margins to a range of charities – the full list of which can be found on our charities web page.

We think that it’s incredibly important for companies like ours to come together with charities to ensure that money is being circulated to the people who need it most. Everybody can play their part in ensuring that our society is stronger and fairer, and forming a partnership between business and charity is one of the most productive ways to see a real change.

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Today we’d like to shine a spotlight on just two of the many incredible charities that we work with – the first of which is Orphans in Need. Orphans in Need is a charity which works for constructive and long term change for children who don’t have the support and care which comes from a loving home environment.

They describe their vision of ‘a world where all orphan children grow up in a loving and caring environment, realising their full potential, and the full dignity and rights of all widows are upheld and respected’, and we agree that this is a vision well worth bringing to its fruition. The money that goes to Orphans in Need supports orphans and widows with both essential items such as food, clothes and toys, and the education and training that can help empower people in their own lives.


A second charity that we would like to share with you today is Centrepoint, who to ‘give homeless young people a future’, another goal which we are proud to call our own through our ongoing support of this organisation. One of Centrepoint’s key activities is providing shelter and safe spaces for homeless people between the ages of 16 and 25, helping them to get off the streets and away from possible harm.

However, a place to sleep is just the beginning of their work, as they also provide vital services for ensuring the mental and physical health of the young people they work with, and offer events, education and training all designed to ensure a lasting solution.

With every purchase that you make from us, you know that you’re helping to support the work of charities like Orphans in Need and Centrepoint, as well as other important causes, so contact us online or at  0161 2421275 today for top quality products that you can feel good about.

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