The Do’s and Don’ts of Hay Storage (Part One)

Agricultural stretch film is one of the many film solutions that we produce and provide here at Dennison Stretch Film. We know how important having access to durable film when it comes to the hay wrapping season, which is why we guarantee that our agricultural film is strong, puncture resistant and has great elasticity to keep those hay bales safe and secure.

We deal with a lot of farmers who use stretch films to protect their hay bales and we have quite a good idea of how to store and how not to store hay bales once they have been wrapped. We’ve put together a short guide on how you can correctly store your hay bales, and here is part one which will look at indoor storage.


Keep Hay Inside the Building


If you are looking to keep your hay bales inside, make sure that the building you are using is leak-free and well ventilated. Ideally, the building should be on an elevated plot which is well drained to avoid any moisture from getting in and spoiling the hay.


Even though it is wrapped up, moisture can sometimes find its way in, so it’s better to minimise the amount of moisture that has access to the bales to as low as possible.


Haybales in The Meadow - iStock_000045957208_Medium
It’s also a given that you should keep your hay bales away from sources of ignition to reduce the risk of fire in your building. Remove any heat sources or fire hazards from the vicinity of the bales, as hay is a highly flammable material.


Keep Your Bales Organised


Keeping your hay bales well organised is not only a benefit to the condition of the hay, but is to keep you safe too. Keep the bales within reach so that you can safely move them when needed without putting yourself at risk of an accident. They can cause some serious damage if they fall on top of you.





Having an organisation system in place also allows you to cut down on hay wastage. By placing any new hay bales behind the old, it will ensure that you use the oldest hay first rather than constantly using the newer bales and having to throw away the old ones when they are no longer useable.


Keep Bales Off the Floor


Hay is extremely absorbent, so storing the bales directly on the ground increases the risk of moisture getting into them. You can elevate your bales by placing them on strong pallets to increase the distance of the bales from the floor to reduce the chance of any moisture managing to worm its way in through your wrapped bale.


Hay bale


We hope that some of our tips have been helpful in making your hay bales last a bit longer. They key is to make sure that they are adequately wrapped with a good quality agricultural wrap. Keep checking back for the second part of our hay series which will look at how to store your hay bales outside!


Here at Dennison Stretch Film, we produce our own stretch and shrink wrap film to meet your requirements, no matter what they are. If you are looking for hard wearing hay wrap solutions, get in contact with our specialist team today by calling 0161 242 1275 and we will be happy to help find the perfect stretch or shrink wrap solution for you.

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