Why Expansion is so Important in Business

There are many reasons why a business may expand, but whatever the reason for it is expanding is usually beneficial for a business and can help them to achieve higher profits and meet their company goals. As Dennison Stretch Film is expanding, we thought we’d post an article about why expansion is important and how it is helping us at Dennison Stretch Film help our clients.




Why It’s Important


Expansion is the aspiration of most of business owners, regardless of the size. In some cases a business will be serving its customers so well that it will be inundated with a new demand. If the business can’t meet this demand they’ll have no choice but to expand in a way that they can increase their output. Perhaps the business is doing so well that it has a large pile of capital that it has the chance to invest back into itself. Expansion is a great way to reach bigger clients too, who may not be interested in working with smaller businesses. Money would have to be put into the business in order to increase its size to attract larger clients. It may be tricky for a business to serve international markets while only being based in one country, especially if the business produces physical goods. Expansion by opening new premises in another country or continent will allow the company to serve more markets and will help them to globalise.


How Expansion is Helping Dennison Stretch Film Serve its Customers


Because of our great service, excellent products and stunning reputation, the demand for our services is ever increasing. To cope with this demand without letting the quality of what we deliver to our customers slip, we’re expanding as a business. To produce more of our great stretch wrap product, we are adding a fully automated cast stretch film production line, complete with assembly robots that will pack them onto pallets and store them in our warehouse. This isn’t all though, we’ve got plans drafted for a new purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility that house our manufacturing and storage. Located in Dubai, it will have the capacity to hold 1000 tonnes of raw materials and 2000 tonnes of finished products, ready to be exported to our clients around the world.




Of course, to expand your business you’ll need a shrink and pallet wrap supplier that is reliable and will save you money. That’s where we come in at Dennison Stretch Film, the wrap supplier that will help you serve your customers and expand your business. If you’d like more information about what we can provide don’t hesitate in contacting us on +44 (0)161 242 1275 and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.

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