Hand stretch film vs. Machine

Here at Dennison Stretch Film we do both, but it’s interesting to compare and see why you could need both for differing situations for your pallet wrap!


Hand stretch film and machine stretch film are very similar products, but how they are applied is very different. Hand stretch film comes on a cardboard or plastic roll, which extends past our stretch film so it can be used as handles. The stretch film is then applied by one of our experienced and trained staff, who walk around the pallet, allowing the stretch film to wrap around the product. When they are satisfied, they leave a little extra material before cutting and then securing the tail of the stretch film.




Machine stretch film is very different by contrast, as it is wrapped by a machine. The machine does this by one of our workforce moving the pallet onto a turntable. One of our skilled staff then attaches the first bit of our waterproof stretch film to the product, and the machine wraps the product without any more assistance, until the end and our staff cut the plastic and stop the machine.




Which one of these is best for you?

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the sizes of you products and what they are, will it be safe for our machines to pick up or would you rather we manoeuvre things by hand? In some cases it is impossible to move items by hand due to the weight.

We specialise in the production and provision of high quality & durable hand stretch which will fit a diversity of products.


Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch film is really quick to do! We walk around the product, usually backwards and wrap it until we feel confident that the pallet isn’t going to go anywhere without your product.

Our quality stretch film comes in two colours, natural which are clear and black. These both come in three different sizes. Hand stretch film is better than machine because it is much quicker, which means that you can get on with your other deliveries safe in the knowledge that you are saving time over the machine.


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Machine stretch film

Our machine stretch film is amazing! We make it by running it through an automated procedure, part of this includes the stretch film between a 5 layer technologies which gives our machine stretch film maximum oxygen ingress.

We test it in-house for resistance, to make sure it won’t tear or burst on your products. Our machine stretch wrap is completely safe for use! We have a big focus on being environmentally friendly here at Dennison Stretch Film; in fact, our machine stretch film is 100% recyclable!





If you’re still unsure about whether you want machine stretch film, what if we told you that it can be applied by machines with rotating bases or on a conveyor operated automated stretch wrapping machines! As if you need any other incentives, our stretch films are available in industry recommended sizes, thicknesses and strengths for machine rolls.


Machine stretch film doesn’t have the disadvantages of human error as the machine just wraps, it also less fussy as with hand stretch film you have to secure your initial piece of film under a box and then exert yourself by going round the boxes and then trying to tuck the last bit under the secure layers.


In conclusion, both types have their own positives and negatives, and depending on what types of products you want to get out, for example if you have awkwardly shapes boxes then machine will probably be better, hand stretch is only quick if the job is repetitive, and stays relatively the same.

At Dennison Stretch Film, we love both types and produce them to an excellent quality, so you can be safe in the knowledge that whatever you decide will be a brilliant option. If you need further help choosing then please contact us today!