Ideas for Recycling Used Pallets

Here at Dennison Stretch Films, we are most concerned with providing the very best wrapping solutions for your pallets. We are also extremely conscious about how recyclable our wrap and film is, reducing the amount of waste that our customers and ourselves produce, saving everyone money.


But what about those pallets you are using? Can they be recycled too? We’ve put our heads together and come up with a few different ideas that you can use to recycle those old pallets instead of throwing them out!


Coffee Table


Everyone loves a good coffee table, and with the vintage, rugged look being extremely popular right now, recycling your used pallet in your own home as a table is the perfect recycling plan.


Pallet Table - iStock_000063403531_Medium


You get all the character and texture of the natural wood pallet as well as the style for no extra cost to yourself.  You can also play around with height by stacking multiple pallets on top of each other which can also create small storage spaces underneath the table where you can store smaller items such as books.


If you don’t like the wooden texture on top, you can cover it over with a glass top to add a bit more of a modern feel to it.


A Pallet Garden


Urban living can limit the amount of space that you have in your garden. This is where an upturned pallet can come in extremely handy, providing the perfect vertical garden environment for plants.


Not only is this an environmentally friendly way to recycle your pallets, but it also allows you to delve into the wonderful world of gardening.


Pallet Garden - iStock_000061141672_Medium


Staple some heavy duty landscaping cloth to the back of the pallet as well as at the bottom of the slats to make the perfect vertical pallet garden. Fill the newly-bottomed slats with soil and add your plants into the slat rows.


Bed Base


If you are looking to invest in a new bed, but don’t want to pay over the odds for an expensive base, why not use your old pallets?


Stack them to your liking and ensure that they are secured in place to keep you safe and secure. You can paint them any colour you want, or even keep them looking natural. It might be worth sanding them down a bit to reduce the chance of your bedding snagging on a splinter.




It’s also a fantastic idea to incorporate the pallets into other aspects of your room, such as the bedside table to keep the theme of the room natural and rustic.


We are all for recycling here at Dennison Stretch Films, and we think that these are just some of the fantastic ideas that can be achieved using a pallet which would otherwise be thrown away or discarded.


If you are looking for high quality wrapping for your pallets (before you use them as a fancy new coffee table), and you don’t know where to begin, look no further. We have a wide selection of films and wraps for any need. From shrink wrap to hand stretch film, we have it covered. If you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 0161 242 1275 and one of our team will be happy to take your call.