How To Maintain A Clean Warehouse

In our previous blog, we looked at ways in which to help maximise your warehouse’s efficiency through the implementation or improvement of a few simple factors; these ranged from improving communication, training and of course, the use of stretch film for pallet wrap.


The latter may seem somewhat of an obvious point coming from a firm which specialises in hand stretch film, however it is a vital tool in aiding with the organisation and cleanliness of a warehouse.  It is easy to allow things to slip and for debris and dust to build up, but doing so sends a message of sloppiness to employees that may be reflected in their work and attitude towards the completion of tasks.



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Any visitors’ perception of the work you undertake, and therefore your company’s attitude towards it, will be impacted by poor cleanliness.  Customer perception is key to obtaining further work and, worst case scenario, could result in loss of business.  Word spreads fast when a company isn’t performing, and it is a warehouse’s role to not only hold the stock, but to care for it.


Delegation of Tasks

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Maintaining the cleanliness of stock held in the warehouse will be an unnecessary challenge with materials around it being dirty and allowed to depreciate.  However, pallet wrap is of course a great way to avoid such soiling and aid with keeping stock in good condition, but creating regular cleaning roles and goals for staff will allow your team to maintain focus and create a definitive list of tasks to monitor and work to complete.  Delegation of responsibility towards such tasks can be key, and having a system in place which allows for these tasks to be observed splits the potentially goliath task of cleaning a warehouse, into reasonable, manageable chunks, which are easily checked.


Keep an Eye on Potential Dangers

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As well as the loss of business through a poorly maintained warehouse and stock, there is an overlying, more damning negative impact, and that is on the potential safety of anyone in the warehouse environment.  Small debris can have an impact on warehouse machinery, such as fork-lift trucks or waste balers, and keeping debris to a minimum, help to keep danger to a minimum.



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Oil spills are somewhat of an extreme example of a way in which a warehouse can become unclean, but with the frequent use of heavy machinery, it can become a reality.  Through simple cleaning task based monitoring, and utilising a clean-as-you-go system, dangers related to such incidents can be limited, if not prevented.

Another example of cleaning as you go, as simple as it may sound, is cleaning and emptying bins when they are full.  If you’re willing to continue to stuff objects into an already overflowing receptacle, so is somebody else.  Nipping such easily solved problems in the bud straight away means that not only are the tasks easier to undertake, but it prevents the onset of the previously discussed laissez-faire attitude towards cleanliness that could creep in.


Stock Inventory


Organising stock in a way which makes ergonomic sense, not only limits wasted time and improves efficiency, but can allow for the prevention of wasted space.  This can be through simply storing all relevant stock together for the above ergonomic reasons, but also by preventing the storage of outdated stock within the warehouse.  Reducing the amount of outdated stock held will not only improve the efficiency of the warehouse, but will also prevent the quantity of stock gathering dust.

Obsolete stock will not only complicate operations and reduce the available space for relevant lines, but will also waste money due to their obsolescence.


Maintaining a clean warehouse is the responsibility of all staff, at all levels, and the impact of a poorly kept warehouse can be felt not only in profits, but in staff morale and attitude.  The implication of the above simple and continuous techniques will allow for a greater working environment and will in turn improve efficiency of staff and procedures.


To hear more about how our hand stretch films can aid and improve your warehouse environment, contact us on 0161 242 1275, and our team will be delighted to advise you.


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