How Quality Packaging is Vital in Logistics

Logistics is an important part of any product business and represents the actions that are taken to get products from where they are manufactured to the consumer, with many points in between. As suppliers of stretch film products to the logistics industry, we understand how important many parts of the logistic chain are to businesses. In a previous blog we looked at how it’s important to have a world-class logistic partner and in this post we’ll be looking at something more specific: the importance of packaging in logistics.   dsf1   Packaging comes in many levels, all important to a logistic chain. The lowest packaging level is consumer packaging (C-pack): the packaging around the individual product. Considered as part of the product, C-pack often has a design to help the product sell. The next step up is the distribution packaging (D-pack) that will contain the C-pack products. If the products are headed to a store then the D-pack will likely contain many different C-packs but if it is the kind of D-pack used to transport the product to the consumer, like goods from an online store for example, the package may contain just one product, or a combination of a few. The last level is transport packaging (T-packs) that are used to transport the products from manufacture to storage to distribution.   All of these stages are important in logistics, with each level having an important role in the journey of the product. Because of this, it’s important not to let any one stage let the whole chain down, whether this is having a poorly designed C-pack or a T-pack that isn’t strong enough to hold the products for the duration of the transport. Having packaging that correctly serves each stage in a products logistic journey will ensure that products make it to where they need to be undamaged and without delays caused by packaging unfit for the job.   dsf2   A new client that we have recently started working with, Manchester Paper Box Co., are a perfect example of a packaging company that can supply the products to support a strong logistics chain. They are suppliers of a range of quality cardboard packaging boxes that are made to their customer’s specifications. Of course, even packaging boxes need to packaging for when they are being transported and that’s where we come in. Our stretch film product is used to safely secure their packaging boxes while they are distributed to customers. This partnership helps to support a number of different logistic chains; both Manchester Paper Box Co.’s own, and their customers’!   Our stretch film products can help businesses in a number of industries, whether it is packaging companies like Manchester Paper Box Co. or those serving agricultural markets. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01612 421 275 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help with your enquiries.