Stretch Wrapping Your Pallet: Handy Guide

 Stretch wrapping is the packaging technique that is used to secure items to a pallet. It is used mainly in industry, where they deal with large items.

Stretch wrap is highly stretchable clear plastic that is wrapped around products, and it keeps them tightly bound.

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Read on for our tips on how to quickly and efficiently use stretch wrapping to secure your pallets.



What do you need?

  • Stretch film
  • The right sized pallet
  • Strapping material  such as rope
  1. Choose an appropriate pallet

The pallet that you choose needs to be sturdy and secure. You need to make sure that the pallet is the correct size to accommodate the items that you want to stretch wrap – nothing should be hanging over the sides. This will also save you the annoyance of the pallet tearing any holes in the stretch film.

2. Pack wisely

When you are packing your items in the pallet, make sure that they are as close to one other as they can be – brace them against each other.

This is very important as, when you apply the film, you don’t want any unwanted space in between your objects, as applying the shrink wrap to a pallet that isn’t tightly packed will leave the entire thing feeling ineffective.

You should place larger and heavier items on the bottom, and the smaller items towards the top. It is worth double checking that nothing is hanging loose, as you don’t want anything getting damaged during transportation.

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3. Start wrapping

You should take your stretch film and measure out approximately a yard of the plastic. Compress around 8 inches at the end together into a loose rope shape and thread this through and around one corner of the pallet.

You should then hold the end tight as you fold the rest of the yard over it. The plastic sticks to itself, so this should be enough to keep it from pulling loose when you begin to wrap.

You need to continue wrapping around the base of the pallet – in the same direction as before. This should be done about five times. Make sure that you are wrapping the base enough times so that the plastic is secure; you don’t want it slipping off!

4. Make sure it’s secure

Make sure that everything is tight and secure – everything should be moving as one solid unit. If the stack moves, you didn’t wrap it tightly enough and it will need more layers (repeat as before, wrapping back down to the base).

If you are confident that your pallets are secure, tear the film and fold the end of it under the edge of one of the wraps (at the side of the pallet).

Whilst the stretch wrapping should be sturdy enough, you could also strap the objects to make sure that they are extremely secure. You can do this by using rope.

Packing crates

We hope that by reading this post, you are now a stretch wrapping genius! However, for those of you that still need a little help, we can help you out!


All our products are produced to the highest possible standards and can be adapted to suit your individual wishes and requirements. Our expert staff have years of experience that they’re more than willing to share with you.


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