Top 5 Tips: How to Maximise Warehouse Efficiency

Is your warehouse as efficient as it can be? If it’s not too much of a personal question, of course. Are your warehouse operations coasting by at a colossal rate, or are you in despair at the total lack of productivity?


An efficient warehouse is utterly vital for a business to thrive. It’s where the magic happens, and if it’s falling apart it’s only going to disappoint or anger your customers, right? And then they find another company who can deliver on time, with the correct orders fulfilled. Game over.


But it doesn’t have to be. As specialists in hand stretch film supplies, we thought we’d take a look at a few ways to create the most jaw-droppingly efficient warehouse operation possible. So, let’s start from the obvious, and work from there.


Use Stretch Film

It might come right at the back-end of the whole operation, but using stretch film acts is essential to maximising efficiency. It doesn’t matter whether you’re delivering pallets from one side of the warehouse to another, or shipping them direct to your customer: It’s a whole lot easier to transport your pallets when they’re secured with stretch film. There’s no toppling of boxes, no broken bits, meaning you actually look like the reliable safe pair of hands that you really are.


All Talk

One of the biggest flaws for those with an inefficient warehouse is communication. No-one’s talking to anyone, no-one really knows what’s going on, or where it’s happening, or even why. Not cool. Everyone on the team – and it is a team game – should know precisely what you’re looking to achieve. No warehouse wants to lose its customers or staff because they haven’t got the foggiest what’s going on.


Train Hard

There are some folks working in warehouses who simply don’t have adequate training, they don’t know precisely what’s expected of them, or how to go about completing their tasks to the highest possible standard. A great training programme can change all of that. Not only will you be confident that your staff are in tip-top shape, you staff themselves will feel super-confident about their role, and how best to perform it.


Get Tech

Fact is, we didn’t stop at the Industrial Revolution – technology has continued making our lives a whole lot easier long after Newcomen’s steam-powered atmospheric engine was unveiled. Some warehouses prefer to take the Luddite approach, and that’s ok. Investing in technology isn’t cheap! But if you’re able to, research what technological devices could help you increase your productivity and efficiency. You don’t have to become the warehouse equivalent of an Apple store; even a few well-chosen products like barcode scanners and RF tech will improve not just efficiency, but also accuracy.


Get Moving

Know what most warehouse pickers do? Have a cheeky wander, mostly. That, after all, is what their job demands of them. But you could see if there are ways to improve the amount of time spent walking from shelf to shelf, truck to truck. Ok, we’re not saying you should replace the floor with a travelator, or turn your warehouse into a Segway racing track, but simply consider a way to form a production line of sorts, creating zones – or warehouses within warehouses – that means your staff are precisely where they need to be.


An efficient warehouse can mean the difference between success and failure as a business. If you’re running a tight ship, you can be assured that your deliveries will be made on time, with the highest possible accuracy. And then you can take on more clients, more work, more satisfied customers – now that’s got to be good for business. Simply contact us on 0161 242 1275 and our team will be delighted to advise you on which of our high-quality stretch film products will provide the greatest efficiency for your company.

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