Wrapping It Up: How Stretch Film Will Make Your Hay Last Longer

Stretch film and shrink wrap are materials that are used in a wide range of different industries, and one industry that is particularly dependent on efficient, high-quality wrapping materials is the agricultural industry.

Farmers need all the help they can get when it comes to ensiling, and here at Dennison Stretch Films, we’re committed to providing quality wrapping equipment to make it far easier.

Here we will show you just how stretch film will help to make your hay last as long as possible and simplify the ensiling process, making the entire procedure more efficient and far less time consuming.



One of the most important requirements for stretch film in hay baling is that the material is strong, as this will prevent tears and enable the film to contain far more hay.

Rips and tears in wrapping equipment can expose your hay to rodents and pests, which can potentially compromise the entire bale.

Wrapping your hay bales in a strong stretch film will help to keep it safely contained and ready to be stored, allowing it to be ready to use when you need it.


Exposed hay is far more susceptible to damage, as there is no barrier to protect it from weathering, rodents and insects.

As a food source, unprotected hay bales are very attractive for rodents. Not only can they consume the hay, but they may also choose to burrow inside the bales for warmth and shelter particularly in harsher weather.

Insects will also be easily able to access your hay if it is not wrapped effectively, which could potentially compromise your hard grown crops and pose infestation problems for the rest of your farm.

Weathering is also a major issue for exposed hay. If a hay bale is soaked in a substantial rain storm, the dampness could potentially cause mould to grow inside the bale or cause it to become broken down by microorganisms, making it completely unusable.

By wrapping your hay with a strong, resistant wrap, you can prevent pests from being able to access your bales and also prevent them from weathering, allowing them to remain at their best and be put away in storage until they are needed.



By choosing to wrap your hay bales in a highly elastic material, you can work to make the process easier and faster and allow yourself more time to focus on other tasks around the farm.

Stretch film is highly elasticised and very strong, enabling you to quickly and efficiently wrap your hay bales using your available machinery.

UV Stability

If the film a hay bale has been wrapped in has little or no UV stability, it may degrade when exposed to harsh sunlight. This compromises the hay inside, meaning that the hay may need to be bailed again.

If this is the case, a lot of valuable time on your farm could be wasted, which could impact quite severely on productivity.

By using a UV resistant stretch film to secure your bales, you can prevent the likelihood of UV degradation. Stacking your bales on their flat end is also said to stop this from happening while your hay bales are in storage.


As you can see, wrapping your hay bales in high quality stretch film is important for its preservation, and if you want the very best wrapping material available you’ve come to the right place. At Dennison Stretch Films, we provide a variety of different wraps that are suited to the requirements of many different industries, including warehousing and agriculture.

For more information, contact us today by calling 0161 242 1275. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss a possible wrapping solution for you.

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