3 Common Wrapping Issues Unwrapped

If you have some form of wrapping line within your company, you are probably very familiar with some of the common wrapping issues that come with wrapping pallets and products using shrink or stretch wrap. You may have even come across some of these problems if you are using a smaller hand stretched film.


It may not always be apparent why these issues occur, but as one of the leading wrap specialists in the UK, we know a thing or two about wrapping issues having helped customers in the past with them.


Want to know why they occur? Then read on!




We’ve found that having your shrink wrap wrinkle during the process of wrapping your pallet or product is one of the most common issues that manufacturers will come across.


Packing crates


Wrinkles that occur in the shrink wrap after heat has been applied suggests that more heat needs to be applied to the wrap. It can also be a sign that the wrap is too big for the pallet or product and a smaller size should be used to get a tighter fit.




As you’ve probably guessed, any wrap that balloons up has air trapped inside. This usually occurs when the wrap has been sealed and more heat is applied to the wrapping.



It is sometimes easy to spot a product or pallet which has more chance of ballooning than others. The general rule is that the bigger the surface area and the better the seals are sealing the product in, the more likely it is that the wrap will balloon.


The solution is a simple one; simply make perforation holes all allow the trapped air to escape.




If you are experiencing holes appearing on the surface of your wrap, then you are possibly subjecting the area to too much heat. Holes which are round in shape are generally burn holes, so it should be easy to spot.


If the holes are more elongated and resemble a tear rather than a perfectly circular hole, then you should look for anything within your wrapping system which may be snagging on your film. This could be a sharp corner or even a roll of damaged film.


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If you are experiencing regular tears with the wrap that you are using, it may be worth investing in a thicker film for wrapping those products with sharper corners.


We understand that these issues can be extremely frustrating for manufacturers who are investing a lot of time and money into finding the perfect wrap for their products. That’s why here at Dennisons Stretch Film, we ensure that all our wrapping products are resilient and durable, so you don’t have to worry about rips or tears!


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