Agricultural Stretch Film

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agricultural-stretch-filmStrong and hardworking

Agricultural Stretch Film

Strong and hardworking

As well as our standard range of shrink wrap, we also understand that farmers need all the help they can get when it comes to ensiling. Our agricultural stretch film can help.

Using the latest extrusion technology, we can guarantee strength, puncture-resistance, elasticity and UV stability, along with excellent cling.

Suitable for use on all bale wrapping machinery, our agricultural stretch film works for both round and square bales and easy wrapping is a given.

Put Dennisons stretch film to work in farming. Due to the strength, reliability and cost-effectiveness of our film, it is ideal for use in agriculture. Our stretch film is available in all sizes and comes in black, white or green.

Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Dimensions pallet (cm) Reels / Pallet (pcs) Height pallet (m)
250 25 1800 112 x 112 64 1.28
360 25 1500 100 x 125 80 1.65
500 25 1800 108 x 108 48 1.65
750 25 1500 100 x 125 40 1.65
1000 25 1200 80 x 120 15 1.50

Download Agricultural Stretch Film BrochureAgricultural Silage Film Brochure

Contact Dennisons for Agricultural Stretch Wrap

If you have any questions about our agricultural stretch films, or any of the other types of shrink wrap available from our range, contact Dennisons directly; We’ll be happy to answer your queries.

  • Manufactured on automated blown stretch film machines
  • Hi Adhesion for maximum protection without any remnants
  • Manufactured from virgin polymers
  • Fully recyclable LLDPE and free from all additives
  • Certified in-house tests fully coherent to high burst & tear resistance
  • Suitable for all bale wrappers
  • 5 layer construction for optimum oxygen ingress.
  • UV protection for all climates
  • Environmental friendly