All You Need to Know About Shrink Wrap Heat Guns

You might not know this by now, but shrink wrap is very different from other coverings because it creates an incredibly, almost moulded fit over the object it covers. Okay, you probably do know that about shrink wrap, as you probably also know it’s incredibly durable, and can’t flap or chaffe.

While you might do it by hand, shrink wrap heat guns are an incredibly efficient way to wrap your objects and give you a brilliant result every time. The process is simple, and you’ve probably already guessed how it works. But for those who haven’t, the process involves shrinking the material by blowing hot air over the surface of the shrink wrap until it has shrunk to the required tightness.


So now that the introduction is out of the way, we want to go into a bit more detail about these guns as they’re truly remarkable and can make any shrink wrap job that much easier. So here’s what you need to know about them.




Shrink wrap heat guns are hand held devices with a trigger, operated by propane gas.  When the trigger is pressed, gas is drawn along to the barrel, and a spark is generated by an electrode which ignites said gas which all creates a small flame.

There’s normally some sort of cowl attached to the equipment so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself. The trigger also acts as a safety device, as when it’s released, or if you have butter fingers and drop the gun, the flow of gas is cut off and the flame extinguished.





In some environments, it’s understandable that a gas powered heat gun might not be the most appropriate. The guns powered by electricity are more traditionally for paint stripping, or shrinking the plastic around cabling. However, if you have more larger objects you need shrink wrapping, you’re going to need an industrial grade heat gun. These are a lot heavier, and a little bit more expensive and not as powerful as the gas powered ones.

It has often been the case with the electric powered guns that because it takes longer for the gun to shrink your wrap, the heat can transfer to the object underneath which isn’t great – especially if you’re packing food. Warm fruit? No thanks.




There are some common problems you might encounter when you get yourself one of these guns, but luckily, they’re pretty easy to fix.

  • Gun not firing: Gas supply not turned one. Damaged electrode. Defective spark generator.
  • Gas has yellow prime: Gas pressure too low. Blocked Jet. Gas leak in body. Blocked valve.
  • Large flame: Too high pressure. Blocked or damaged mixer.


So that’s everything you really need to know about shrink wrap heat guns. Of course, if you need some of the best shrink wrap solutions, we here at Dennisons can help! For more information on the wrap we supply, contact us on 0161 2421275 and speak to one of our experts today!