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Bespoke Stretch Film

Designed to meet your needs

At Dennisons Stretch Films, we understand that one size doesn’t always fit all and that’s why we set ourselves apart from other manufacturers by offering a completely bespoke stretch film service on top of our standard range of shrink wrap.

We can design stretch film to suit your needs entirely thanks to our in-house manufacturing plant, which allows us to take full control of the dimensions, colour and grade of the bespoke stretch film for your company.

Fully Bespoke Stretch Film Solutions

We offer our services to a wide variety of different customers from a range of different industry sectors, so we know that what one industry may require from a stretch film may differ from another. That’s why we specialise in stretch film production and created our bespoke stretch film production service.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a different colour, thickness size or grade of stretch film, here at Dennisons Stretch Films, we can produce a product that fits your needs entirely with very little fuss. We can even adapt the quantity of the product that you will require without exceptionally long wait times, thanks to the automated stretch film production system that we have in place.

You will still receive the same high quality stretch film that you can expect from our standardised range of products: an extremely resistant, durable and flexible bespoke stretch film that can be used for a variety of different applications.

All of our plastics are recyclable, allowing our passion for looking after the environment to extend to our customers by allowing them to re-use or recycle their plastic once they have finished using it for its initial intended purpose. Because we manufacture our film to be extremely durable, you can re-use the bespoke stretch film over and over again, saving you money in the long run.

Call Dennisons Stretch Films for High Quality Bespoke Stretch Film

Dennisons Stretch Film are here to fulfil all your bespoke stretch film needs. Our highly trained, friendly staff are on hand to guide you through the process and are available to answer any queries that you may have about our bespoke stretch film production process.

If you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from our bespoke stretch film service, or if you would like a quote for a bespoke film product, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0161 393 6059 today and have a chat to one of our friendly team members.