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Blown Stretch Film







There are many different varieties of stretch wrap and film out there, but one of the most popular is blown stretch film – which is made using a complex extrusion process and produced both as tubes and as sheets. This means that it can be adapted for a wide range of different purposes, and as blown film manufacturers we endeavour to create the best quality wrap for use across numerous different industries.

The Benefits of Blown Stretch Film

The process which is used to create a film has a big impact on the qualities which it exhibits, and although each of them has their own specific merits there are certain situations in which blown stretch film is definitely the best choice.

One of its key benefits is its strength, or ‘toughness’, since the extra durability which is offered by blown stretch film allows it to protect more delicate or fragile materials. Once affixed it can also be firmer than other forms of stretch film, since it has a stickier surface which forms a stronger bond when affixed to itself.

Blown Stretch Film Manufacturers Who Work for You

When you choose to make Dennisons your blown stretch film manufacturers, you can benefit from both the high quality of our products and the exceptional service which ensures that your needs are always being met.

By discussing your exact needs with our experienced team you can ensure that you end up with the perfect product; a stretch film which has the precise qualities that you’re looking for – whether that’s increased durability or a more attractive finish.

For more details please don’t hesitate to get in touch today, online or at 0161 393 6059 – we would love to talk you through the options; whether you’re looking for blown stretch film or something slightly different, we’re sure that we’ll have the ideal product available.