Cast Away: How Stretch Film Can Make Moving Home Much Simpler

As leading manufacturers of stretch wrap film, you could say that we know a thing or two about how to use stretch wrap effectively.


When it comes to moving home, many people don’t realise the benefits that come from using stretch film to help make the move smoother. As stretch wrap is mainly used for securing items and pallets, there’s nothing to say that it can’t be used to aid the process of moving. In fact, many professional movers will already wrap items in stretch film during the packing process!


We want more people to reap the benefits of using stretch wrap film, so here are our top 3 uses of hand stretch film when moving home.


Keeps Drawers and Cupboards Secure


When transporting your furniture, you want to make sure that everything stays secure to avoid any damage during transit.


Wrapping your furniture which has drawers or doors will prevent them from continually opening and closing during the moving journey and reducing the chance of the doors or drawers breaking.



It also allows the movers to leave items in place in the drawers and cupboards, leaving more space for other items to be packed in boxes. Keeping clothes and other objects in their rightful place will save time when it comes to unpacking, as they will already be where they should be!


Roll It Up


If you have items such as a rug which requires rolling up, rather than struggling to keep it rolled up, wrapping it in stretch film wrap will keep it secure and in place ready to be packed into the moving van.

Two rolled carpets isolated on white

This reduces the risk of the rolled up item springing loose and reduces the amount of space required to store it.


Cable Tidy


When it comes to moving house, the last thing you want to be fighting with is the tangle of cables which occurred during the packing and transport process. There’s nothing more infuriating and it’s not the best way to start your new life in your new home.


Combat the wire tangle by wrapping all the electrical cords of your appliances in stretch wrap film as you pack them. This will keep them from wrapping round each other and the other items that they are packed with, making the unpacking process much quicker and simpler.


Colourful Cable -iStock_000042420690_Large


Although stretch film can be a very industrial tool, it can also be helpful in a domestic environment. If you are a removals company, why not invest in a stretch wrap film wrapping service to help your customers move their items safely and securely?


For more information on our stretch film services, including our bespoke film manufacturing service, contact the team today on 0161 242 1275 and we will be more than happy to help you find the perfect film product for your needs.