The Future of Shrink Wrap

This blog is taking shrink wrap far from its usual perimeters of agriculture and pallets, or comfortably listing all the advantages of our products and to a whole new world.


We require you to watch this space because the news we have found out is honestly a little out of this world.


Out in Massachusetts, a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been exploring different products to find new materials that they could use for astronauts.


After testing out many materials, the scientists decided to look at stretch film. We know at Dennisons Stretch Film, that our product is super stretchy, without losing its size which can happen to multiple types of film, whilst being light and so easy to manage in space!


The scientists have invested the properties of shrink wrap and found out how it can help out in space. They have recently announced plans to develop new spacesuits off their findings!


We hope that as their progress continues we will see exactly how shrink wrap has inspired the new generation’s spacesuits.


hand held stretch film


What we do know so far is that the scientists looked at different types of light and stretchy materials to help out in space; shrink wrap is a polymer film which flexibly stretches around any application when heated.



Although the scientists are leaning toward a more shape-memory form of an alloy, shrink wrap has definitely inspired this change in space suit design.


In previous blogs we have discussed the advantages of shrink wrap, focussing on its ability to reduce the products size through removing air, how it fully covers the product & how easy it makes the transportation of these goods.



This blog post proves all of these, why would these astrophysicists look at shrink wrap in such depth if it wasn’t all we said it was?




Space isn’t using shrink wrap purely for its astronauts, above is a video which shows a space shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex being unwrapped! Not surprising for us, the space shuttle is in perfect condition from its journey!


What we found clever was that it was moved into the exact position that the Kennedy Space center wanted it to be shown at, and was then unwrapped.


This video and big news proves that nothing is too big for shrink wrap or stretch film! If you’ve got an interest in having your products wrapped, contact us today!