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Hand Stretch Film

At Dennisons Stretch Film, we specialise in the production and provision of high quality, durable hand stretch film solutions for a wide variety of applications.

As well as our machine wrap stretch film, we manufacture and stress-test all our film solutions in our cast stretch film manufacturing plant, you can be sure that our hand stretch film products are made with all round quality and care. We are dedicated to researching and improving our products all the time, enabling us to produce some of the highest quality wrapping solutions on the market.

All Round Quality Hand Stretch Film

No matter what industry you are working in, our hand stretch film can be used for a variety of different industrial applications.

We manufacture our stretch and shrink wrap to be incredibly flexible and resistant, but ensure that they still remain extremely durable. For added ease of use, all our hand stretch films have a strong, extended cardboard core to make your wrapping experience smooth and hitch-free.

Our hand stretch film is available in a wide selection of different sizes and thickness, as well as in two different colours; black and natural.

Our in-house manufacture of hand stretch films means that we produce regularly, enabling us to be able to deal with orders quickly and effectively.

Technical Data Sheets for Hand Held Stretch Film

400mm x 300mm x 17mu Extended Download
400mm x 300mm x 20mu Extended Download
400mm x 250mm x 25mu Extended Download
Natural (Clear)
400mm x 300mm x 17mu Extended Download
400mm x 300mm x 20mu Extended Download
400mm x 250mm x 25mu Extended Download

Receive Complete Quality and Value When You Come to Us for Hand Stretch Film

Here at Dennisons Stretch Films, we pride ourselves on providing the very best customer care to every single one of our customers. With our years of experience in the industry, we are able to give up to date, relevant help and advice when needed, and we ensure that every single one of our customers is supported.

Want to know more about our hand stretch film solutions? Don’t delay in getting in contact with us by calling 0161 393 6059 and one of our dedicated team members will be happy to advise you with your enquiry.

  • Standard extended core hand rolls deliver precision
  • Complete range of industrial sizes, colours and thickness
  • Durable cling for effective results.
  • Guaranteed powerful stretch ability up to 180% on all hand held stretch film.
  • Consistent good elasticity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Uncompromisingly valuable and cost effective with precise specification
  • Large stocks for single and multi pallet distributions