When Should You Opt for a Custom Pallet Wrapping Machine?

There are many different industries and companies which use pallet wrap on a daily basis to aid with containing and transporting goods safely and securely.


As we deal with these companies a lot when we supply our durable pallet wrap solutions, we often get asked our opinion on whether we think a custom pallet wrapping machine is worth investing in.


Every business will have different needs, so it’s hard for us to give a definitive yes or no, so we’ve decided to put together a short guide on how to determine whether your company should invest in a custom pallet wrapping machine.


Do You Have Space Constraints?


Not every warehouse is going to be the same shape and size so it might not be possible to find a standard pallet wrapping machine that fits perfectly in the space that you have available.



In this instance, investing in a customised pallet wrapping machine is ideal. These machines can be adapted and built to fit in with the space that you have available in your warehouse, reducing the risk of overcrowding your warehouse floor and causing potential hazards for your workers.


What Are You Wrapping?


If you are wrapping items which are delicate or perishable or even extremely heavy, you may find that a standard stretch wrapping machine might not be able to handle some of these tasks to perfection.

Stretch wrapping

For example, you may require a complete wrap of your pallet where 5 sides are covered rather than the standard 4. This would require a custom machine which incorporates a top sheet dispenser.


How Many Pallets Will You Be Wrapping in a Day?


If you are heavily reliant on your pallet wrapping machine for your business and wrapping a high volume of pallets each day, you may want to invest in a custom machine which can deal with the amount of use it will be subjected to.


There are even options for businesses which are wrapping a small amount of pallets which don’t want to pay out for a machine which isn’t going to be used much, but is still essential.




The need for a custom pallet wrap machine is completely circumstantial, and there is no right or wrong answer that we can give when asked if we think it is worth it. As a company, you will probably be able to tell if your pallet wrapping service could be improved and if so, it may be worth looking into a custom machine.


In addition to the machine, it’s important to have high quality wrapping material to keep your pallets wrapped securely in place. At Dennisons Stretch Film, we have a wide variety of pallet wrap film available to our customers, including our unique bespoke film creation service where we create stretch film to suit your specific requirements.


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