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Covering your silos with high quality silo film or wrap is a crucial step in the process of protecting your materials after ensiling them. As many agricultural workers are all too aware, proceeding without the appropriate silo wrap or film can lead to a lot of waste, as you may either lose your produce or have to remove it yourself after it spoils – luckily you can take very effective measures to prevent this!

Tough and reliable, the silo film which we provide here at Dennisons forms that essential barrier between your silage and the outside world, keeping freshness in and possible contaminants out. This allows you to feel safe and confident in the knowledge that, once wrapped, your materials are being preserved as they should be.

Dennison’s Silo Film Offers Increased Ease of Use

Aside from providing a reliable product, we also bring you stretch wrap which is exceptionally easy to use. Protecting your silos shouldn’t have to be a daunting task, and this is why we’ve ensured that all of the products we offer are designed to be practical.

They are also adaptable, allowing you to use them in conjunction with your current machinery. We believe that just because a silo film or wrap is strong, functional and full of additional features – such as 5 layer construction for better performance – there’s no reason that it should be complicated for you to use; with our products, you can benefit from the advantages of ease and effectiveness.

Contact Us Today to Find Out More

For more details about the exact specifications of our film, including the technical information, you can contact us today, either via our online form or at 0161 393 6059. We can also produce bespoke silo film and silo wrap to meet your specific needs – simply pick up the phone and tell us what you want.