Stretch Film Production

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Stretch Film ProductionFully automated cast stretch film – 24 hours a day

Stretch Film Production

Stretch Film Production

At Dennisons, we specialise in the round the clock, automatic stretch film production. Our automated lines ensure that we always have sufficient stocks available in our warehouse for timely deliveries to our clients.

We have a fully automatic cast stretch film production facility that creates flexible, durable stretch film which we then pre-test in our very own testing facility to ensure that our high standards of quality are met in every stretch film product that we produce.

Exceptional Quality Stretch Film Production

Because we are able to manufacture our own stretch film in-house in our state-of-the-art cast stretch film manufacturing plant, we are able to fully control the dimensions and properties of the wrap which we produce. This means that we’re able to produce bespoke stretch film alongside our other standardised shrink wrap.

This control allows us to produce maximum yields as well as some of the best wrapping solutions available on the market to our customers. We want our customers to be able to save some money without affecting the quality of the product that they receive.

This attention to detail and the access to such a controllable manufacturing asset sets us apart from other manufacturers, giving our customers the access to some of the most durable, affordable products available.

Our fully automated cast stretch film production operates 24 hours a day, ensuring that we can keep up with demand. This means we will always have stock in our warehouse to provide at any one point. There’s no waiting around for the machine to start up, or pressure on staff to fulfil any orders of shrink wrap that we may receive.

All the film produced during our stretch film production is 100% recyclable. We want to do our bit for the environment, and we like to extend this to our customers.

Experience the Quality and Value of Our Stretch Film Production Today

At Dennisons Stretch Films, we provide some of the best customer service available. Our expert team are on hand to give you guidance and advice with anything stretch film.

For further information about our stretch film production services, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Dennisons Stretch Films today by calling 0161 393 6059 today.


  • Manufacturing with Innovation of Cast Stretch film
  • 2 facilities manufacturing total 3000t/month
  • Applications manufactured only from virgin polymers for our clients
  • Suited For use in all sectors of industries
  • Providing flexible cost effective solutions
  • Developed closely with our existing clients across a large market sector
  • Complete range of superior cast stretch film
  • Complete thorough specified testing for quality assurances
  • Fully recyclable LLDPE without any additives