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Stretch Film ProductionFully automated cast stretch film – 24 hours a day

Stretch Film & Stretch Wrap

A wide variety of industries use stretch film in their packaging procedures, and it’s now a widespread fixture within these sectors. At Dennison Stretch Films, we take the production of such stretch wrap to standards that other manufacturers can’t match, and our state-of-the-art automated machinery has resulted in us becoming a leading figure in terms of the quality of our films.

Our stretch wrap film is created using full automation, 24 hours a day, and it’s this large scale production that lets us pass on such great savings to you, our customers. What’s more, we can measure exact quantities, properties and dimensions, so you can guarantee value and performance every time.

Suppliers of Quality Stretch Wrap Film for Industrial Applications

Our stretch film and shrink wrap is frequently used upon pallets, but as we’ve mentioned, you can depend on a variety of properties if you want. For example, we can provide 100% recyclable wrap, puncture-resistant film or even entirely bespoke cling wrap to meet your needs. In our book, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all requirements, so we’re always happy to hear about your specifics.

Stretch Wrap Film – Find Out More

For more information about our stretch films, call us for a quotation or contact Dennison using our online form. We aim to respond to queries in a maximum of 12 hours.

Our manufacturing plant is based in Manchester, but we cater to needs across the UK and in all industries. With decades of experience behind our stretch wrap manufacturing processes, we’re confident that we can help.