Why Bespoke Wrapping Rules!


When it comes to wrapping your pallets and general business products for safe keeping, there’s nothing more secure than trustworthy stretch film and shrink wrap film.
What do you do, though, when the stretch film you want doesn’t fit your pallets and products? Where do you go when your unique sizes and shapes aren’t catered for on the larger market? The answer, our friends, is simple; bespoke.


You Mean You Can Cater For Me?
Of course we do. Our specialist in-house manufacturing plant enables us to create product specific stretch film for your individual needs. We’ve always put our customers first, if you’re not happy than neither are we, that’s why our bespoke service allows you to custom make your very own stretch film!


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What Say Do I Have?
Giving you a bespoke system means you get control over the specific requirements you need for your stretch film. These include:
If you haven’t thought about changing the colour of your stretch film, or having a multitude of coloured pallets secured by durable, flexible film, then we’d strongly advise you to take another look. When working in a busy warehouse it’s important for you to locate your pallets with complete ease, so colour coding your pallets is a great way to enhance the efficiency of your business!


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Dimensions and Grade of Your Stretch Film
One of the main problems you’ll find yourself facing is finding the best suited size and shape of stretch film for your product. With our bespoke system, you won’t need to worry about investing in a  product that doesn’t fit; the stretch film is made to your exact requirements for the perfect fit every time!
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Want it Fast?
Another benefit of our bespoke service is that you have the ability to control the quantity you receive without having to wait days for it to arrive.
On top of that, our plastics are all recyclable and re-useable, allowing you to make to most out of your product even after your initial usage!


That’s a Wrap
Bespoke services give you complete flexibility in your final product you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. Instead of putting up with second best, making a stretch film fit your pallets and products when they’re too small or too big for the task, you can finally relax and enjoy the entire process without fretting about wasting valuable film.


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If you’d like to know more about our stretch films and bespoke service, contact us today on 0161 2421275. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube so be sure to drop us a like and a follow to keep up to date with the wonderful world of shrink wrap!