Working Towards ISO 14001

At Dennisons Stretch Film we pride ourselves on being able to offer versatile stretch film solutions for a wide range of industries. One of the aspects of our shrink wrap provision, that we pride ourselves on the most, is the recyclable nature of the stretch film we provide. As such, our product enables companies to work in line with ISO 14001. But what is ISO 14001?


What is ISO 14001?


ISO 14001 is a set of standards which businesses adhere to in order to keep on top of, and improve upon, their own environmental management. As such, the aim is to help minimise just how much businesses and their practices impact negatively on the environment. The ISO 14001 standard enables a company to keep in line with regulations and environmental goals, as well as laws and environmental business practice requirements. If a business wishes to remain under the ISO 14001 stamp of approval, they have to show that they have a desire to continually improve in all of the aforementioned areas.


Build a clean world

How To Achieve ISO 14001 Status


  • Pre-Audit Assessment

You will be visited by your Assessor who will send you a report to line out required action.

  • Audit Assessment

Once ready, your Assessor will arrange your Audit Assessment.

  • Registration and Certification

Based on your Auditor’s recommendations, the registration will be reviewed and confirmed.

  • Continual Assessment

Your Assessor will remain on hand to guarantee the ISO 14001 standard is followed.


Benefits of Achieving ISO 14001 Status


There are numerous benefits to your business achieving ISO 14001 status, beyond reducing your business’ negative environmental contribution; for example, it can actually help to reduce the cost of your operation. Through incorporating more environmentally friendly practices, you will you rely less on landfills, thus reducing your company’s Landfill Tax contribution.

A further advantage is the overall perception of the company. Not only will your company be viewed in a greater light by the general public, but staff and shareholders can also take pride in a business which they represent. Furthermore, this improved public perception will lead to a greater chance of winning business. Win-win!


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At Dennisons Stretch Film we feel that it is imperative to consider your business’ environmental impact and incorporate a more stringent environmental management system; so join us in revolutionising your plastics recycling and consider your business for the ISO 14001 standard. If you would like to discuss our Dennisons Stretch Film services and how we can help you work towards the environmental business standard, just get in touch! You can contact us on 0161 2421275, where we’re always eager to help you reconsider the way you partake in plastics recycling.


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